Werdna Lee Beaver Niemczak – Grandaughter of Ed and Minnie Beaver

Werdna Lee Beaver was born at Girard, Texas January 12, 1923. She was 3 years younger than her sister, Aretta. So, when it was time for her to start to school she was lucky to have a big sister to help her get started and to learn new friends. When she was in the seventh grade her .math teach er was her Uncle Buddy Smith.

When she was sixteen she married a handsome local boy, Willie Arch Murphy, August 2, 1939, at Spur, Texas. They had three children: Patsy Sue, Rollie Bill, and Joan Carol. That marriage dissolved when Joan was just a baby, and in 1946 7,’erdna Lee and Alex Stanley Niemczatc were married in Quartzsite, Arizona. They had one child, Cassie Alexis Niemczak.

Werdna Lee and Al have lived in Texas, New Mexico and California. They lived in Santa Ana, California for over twenty years. Al worked for Newport Mesa School district as the dis trict plumber. Werdna Lee worked for many years at the Santa Ana Public Library. They retired in 1985 and have recently moved to Lubbock, Texas where they are building a new home. We are all looking forward to visiting them, for we remember their wonderful hospitality. Their children are:

  1. Patsy Sue Murphy, born May 16, 1940 at Girard, Texas. She married Frank Harrell August 23, 1958, at Durango, Colorado.
    1. Roy Mark Harrell, born 1959 at Odessa, Texas. Graduated from Abilene Christian University, and is employed at Frank’s Butane in Odessa.
    2. Daniel Frank Harrell, born 1961 in Odessa, Texas. He attends Abilene Christian University and preaches at the Church of Christ at Coleman, Texas.
    3. Leah Beth Harrell, born 1962 in Odessa, Texas. She is a graduate of Abilene Christian University and is a teacher.
    4. Lydia Joan Harrell, born 1964 in Odessa, Texas, she is a student at Abilene Christian University, studying to be a teacher.
    5. Rachel Lee, born 1969 in Odessa, Texas, graduated from Odessa High School.
    6. Elizabeth Harrell, born 1971 in Odessa, Texas. Attends school at Bowie Jr. High in Odessa.

Patsy and Frank have lived at Odessa since 1959 when they started Frank’s Butane, which they own and operate. Patsy attends Odessa College at present.

  1. Rollie Bill Murphy, born April 22, 1942, in Gallup, New Mexico. He married Luciana Cioffi in 1962, in Verona, Italy.
    1. Vincenzo Gustavo Murphy, born in Germany 1964. Married Debra Wilson in Andrews, Texas 1984. They live and work in Andrews.
    2. Dino Leonardo, born in Germany, 1965. .Married Marilyn Ward in El Paso, Texas, 1934.
      1. Michael Ray, born 1984 in Andrews, Texas. Dino and Marilyn live and work in Andrews.
    3. Nancy Maria Murpnv, born 1970 in Ft. Polk, Louisiana. She attends Andrews High School.
    4. Marcello Gaetano Murphy, born 1975 in Germany. He is a student in Andrews school.

Rollie, the only grandson of Rollie Beaver, enlisted in the Army in 1959. He had 3 tours in Germany, 1 in Okinawa and 1 in Viet Nam. He retired from the service in 1981 after 22 years of service. His wife, Luciana was born in Italy. They now live in Andrews, Texas where he is a representative for Phizer Pharmaceutical, and he travels over a large area of West Texas.

  1. Joan Carol Murphy, born December 4, 1944 in Jayton, Texas. She married David Daniel Levens in 1965 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    1. Philip David Levens, born 1968, in Xenia, Ohio. He is attending Lubbock Christian High School.
    2. Jason Monroe, born 1971, in Santa Ana, California. He attends Lubbock Christian High School.

Joan and David own the Car Washers in Lubbock. Joan is very active in Greenlawn Church of Christ, and Lubbock Christian School.

  1. Cassie Alexis Niemczak, born September 18, 1947, in Compton, California. She married Peter Joseph Shedarowich in 1966, in Costa Mesa, California. They divorced and she later married Donald Palmer. They are house parents at Quaker Dale, an organization for delinquent, boys in Mew Providence, Iowa.
    1. Paul Joseph Shedarowich, born 1967, in Newport Beach, California. He attends El Dora High School in El Dora, Iowa where he is a senior.

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