Nancy Jo Beaver – Grandaughter of Ed and Minnie Beaver

Nancy Jo, third daughter of Rollie and Donie Beaver, was born July 1, 1929, at Girard, Texas. Rollie wanted a boy so much that the subject of his conversation the whole nine months before her birth was, ”Our boy”. I- babies can sense the moods and longings of their parents, Nancy Jo must have had those sensations in her prenatal existence, for she came into the world a cute, impish “tomboy”. Dolls, paperdolls, and lacy dresses were never her bag. But she could, (and still does,) wear levis and a plaid shirt so stylishly as to be the envy of a Broadway model.

Nancy Jo never married, but she has a larger family than most of us. Her nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles, are so much a part of her, and she never fails to keep us in remembrance of that, by frequent phone calls, cards for every occasion, and encouraging words when we need a boost. She is gifted with such a sense of humor it is fun to be with her.

She started going the mail route with Rollie when she was still in high school, and soon knew the route well enough to be his substitute carrier. Her friendly, cooperative manner endeared her to the patrons the way they had her dad.

Rollie was sad when, in 1950, Nancy Jo enlisted in the Womens’ Army Corps and was sent to Ft. Lee, Virginia. She did a tour in France, then back to the U.S. She spent 12 years in the service, being discharged in December 1962. In 1963, she accepted a Civil Service job at Fort rfuachuca Army Base at Sierra Vista, Arizona, where she is still presently employed. She has traveled all over the USA, as well as foreign points, on her job.

Nancy Jo is a lover of dogs, and usually has from 3 to 6 at a time. They sleep in the house in the winter time, but she has them well trained. When she is ready for bed, she yells, “Pee time!”, She opens the door and they make a rusn for it, only to be scatching to get back in a few minutes later. Some gal, Jo. 


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