Peggy Maxine Stephens Holly – Grandaughter of Ed and Minnie Beaver

Well, any family as crazy as this one would have to have a resident “shrink!” That’s my role. I am a Licensed Professional counselor in Richardson, Texas, working through the school district, and in private practice. I received my train ing from Texas Tech University and East Texas State University. I have been in practice for five years, after spending several years as a classroom teacher.

I am a single parent of two fantastic teenagers. Greg is a senior in high school, and plans to follow in his mom and dad’s footsteps to Texas Tech next year. He is an outdoor enthusiast, loving to snow ski and backpack in the Colorado mountains. Gina is a junior, end is looking at several Christian colleges for post-high school work. She is a people person, very involved in social times with her friends. She has a rare talent of helping people feel good by just being around her. Both kids are dedicated Christians, who do most of their activities through the Church Youth Group.

I was born September 7, 1944, in Lubbock, Texas – the fourth child of Iona Jane Beaver Stephens and John Thomas (J.T.) Stephens. I graduated from Monterey High School in Lubbock in 1963, and married my high school sweetheart, Ronald Art Holly, the next year. We were married for sixteen years. Although our marriage has dissolved, I still have utmost respect for Ron. He is very active in the lives of our children and supports me in every possible manner.

I have one dim recollection of “Pa” Beaver, my mom’s father. We were visiting him and Granny; I was just a young child. He would try to grab my leg with his walking cane, as I ran by his chair. Then he would laugh so hard he shook. With Granny there are many fond memories. She lived in our home a great deal of her time after Grandpa died, and before her death. Recorded by my childhood senses are the smell of the linament she rubbed on her legs; the sight of her rounded back bent over her little suitcase, counting her money by feel, due to failing eyesight; the texture of the little twig ”toothbrushes” I picked for her so that she could dip her snuff; the sound of her voice talking right out loud during church; She was such a joy to our family, and I miss her every time I see the little ol’ Granny on television’s “Beverly Hillbillies.”

My entire family of origin lives in Texas – a unique thing in this age of transition. Mom and Dad have retired at Lake Lewisville, in a big old home with elevated porches overlook ing the lake. We all gather often for food, fun, fellowship, and more food! The warmth radiated from our times together should be harnessed as an answer to the energy shortage. I feel so blessed to have been born into this love. I wish that I could know each of you personally who contribute to this book. I believe that I would find that same spark in each of the Beaver descendants.

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