Hettie Aretta Beaver Hurst – Grandaughter of Ed and Minnie Beaver

Hettie Aretta Beaver, the first child of Rollie and Donie Beaver, was born April 21, 1915, at the home of her grandma Edwards in the Bonds Chapel Community, near Girard, Texas. She was the first grandchild to wear the Beaver name, and the first one to be born in Kent County. She was, from the start, a very smart and independent child, who was capable of doing things for herself. She was always bright in school, and as she grew, she became adept at helping her mother with all sorts of the housework, cooking, sewing and cleaning.

Het, as her friends called her, was a member of the Church of Christ, being baptized by D. Lee Hukel at an early age. Her beautiful singing voice, and her dedicated work in the church gleaned for her a wide variety of friends and associates. She was united in marriage to Doris G. Hurst March 23, 1956, at Clairmont, Texas. She had spent most of her life at Girard, but in later years she lived at Clovis, New Mexico, Pampa, Texas, and Orange, California, where it was discovered that she had the dread disease of cancer. At her wishes she was returned to Girard two months before she passed away June 25, 19^5 at 6:00 p.m. She was laid to rest June 23, at 5:00 p.m. Brother Guy Caskey of Pampa, Texas spoke the last words, and it- was esti mated that 600 relatives and friends were present to pay their last respects. She was buried in the Girard cemetery.

Her husband, D.G. Hurst died in June of 1977, and is buried at El Toro, California. They had two daughters, Kayla Rue and Dona Loraine.

  1. Kayla Rue Hurst was born at Girard, Texas, May 50, 1958. She married Gerald William Cross in June 1956, in Costa Mesa, California. They had two children:
    1. Natalie Kay, born 1957 in Newport Beach, California. She now lives in Mills Valley, California where she is employed.
    2. William Randall, born in 1959 at Newport Beach, California. He married Blair Gust in June 1984. They live in Costa Mesa, California where he is employed.

Kayla and Gerry lived in Costa Mesa, California for more than twenty years where they owned Gerry Cross Paving. They were semi-retired and built a new home in Paso Robles, where they were living when Kayla died from cancer May 3, 1985. She was cremated in Paso Robles.

  1. Dona Loraine Hurst was born in August 1943, in Orange, California. She married Dwayne McCallister in Costa Mesa. They live in Clovis, California, out of Fresno. Dwayne teaches at Fresno State and Dona has gone back to college there. They have three children.
    1. Dondie, born 1964, is a student at oral Roberts University at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    2. Darla, born 1965, is a student at Fresno state, and studying to become a nurse.
    3. Drake, born 1969, as a student in Clovis high school, Clovis California.

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