Charles M. Pearson and Elizabeth Longley Pearson – Parents of Minnie Beaver

Charles M. Pearson was born April 2, 1833, in Tennessee, He married Elizabeth Longley in 1853. She was born February 3, 1853, in Tennessee. They had 7 children, three boys and four girls. The first six children were born in Tennessee, but the youngest, my mother, was born in Missouri. They were all members of the Methodist Church, and one son. Doc Pearson, became an ordained Methodist minister.

Sometime between 1866 and 1870 they migrated to Missouri and settled in Bates County. They were friends and neighbors of the John Wilsons and the Joseph Beavers. Accordingly, they joined the wagon train that migrated to Texas in the fall of 1874. My mother, the youngest of the Pearson children, was 4 years old in December of 1874, and she could not recall many incidents of the trip. Most of the of the information about the six week’s trek has come to us from the Wilson and Beaver ancestors.

After they had all moved to Erath County, Texas, their children grew up, married, and settled in surrounding towns and communities. Mama told us that her father became blind while she was still living at home. At the time, she was engaged to my dad who was a staunch believer in the Church of Christ, and had discussed certain scriptures with her many times. Her father would have her read the Bible to him almost daily. Sometimes she would read a verse or two that Dad had quoted to her, and she would say to Grandpa, “Pa, that is Camphellite doctrine”. She said he would immediately answer, “Hush, hush”. Grandma Pearson died September 19, 1889, at the age of 56.

Grandpa Pearson died March 5, 1893, at the age of 60, just four years after Mama and Dad married. They are both buried in the Millerville cemetery with markers at their graves.

Their children were:

  1. Doctor Pearson, born May 26, 1854, in Tennessee. He was married to Martha Belle Clements. He was the preacher for the Methodist Church in Lawn, Texas for many years. He and Aunt Belle are buried at Lawn. After Buddy and I married we visited them in their little home in Lawn, and we learned that Uncle Doc had performed the marriage ceremony of Buddy’s Uncle Stonie and Aunt Emma Smith back in March of 1904.
    1. Ida Pearson, married Dick Stokes. They are buried at Snyder, Texas.
      1. Le Claire Stokes Winston
      2. Loree Stokes Dodson
      3. Roy Stokes
      4. Ruby Stokes Brownfield
      5. Maurine Stokes
      6. Aubrey Stokes
    2. Delilah Elizabeth Pearson, married C. S. Padgett. She is buried in Lubbock, he in Leveland.
      1. Sarah Beatrice Padgett Cox
      2. Martha Bernice Padgett Small
      3. Bessie- Grace Padgett Dirickson
      4. Quata Belle Padgett Clements
      5. Molly Mozelle Padgett Power
      6. Delilah Gail Padgett McCreary
    3. Melchora Pearson, married Keaton Redding. They are buried in Coleman, Texas.
      1. Cleo Redding
      2. Lamon Redding
      3. Lora Redding
      4. Addie Mae Redding
      5. Amy Lois Redding
    4. Marvin Pearson
      1. Pauline Pearson
      2. Dorothy Pearson
    5. Delia Pearson
      1. Two sons
    6. Key Pearson
      1. Carl
      2. Juanita
      3. Jack
      4. K. F.
      5. Luc-ille
      6. John
    7. Juanita Pearson Austin (Twin to Key).
      1. Virginia
    8. John Pearson
      1. Four children
    9. Reba Pearson
      1. Four children
  2. Francis (Frank) Pearson was born in Tennessee, November 25, 1856. He married Lula L. Duncan September 27, 1882. They had four girls, then Aunt Lu died when the last one was a baby. She is buried in the Millerville cemetery. Uncle Frank married Caroline Rouse November 16, 1897. They moved to Kent County about 1915, and we Seaver girls grew up lov ing Aunt Carrie and Uncle Frank. He was our cute, tiny and jolly little Uncle who enjoyed coming to our house. After Buddy and I were married and he became principal of Girard High School, we lived next door to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Frank and I was with them a part of every day. Oh, how I loved them. AUnt Carrie had never been to school, she could neither read, write, nor tell the time of day. But she was gifted with a whole bunch of wisdom, and she had been a good stepmother to Uncle Frank’s four little girls. I have a large green satin glass antique pitcher that she gave me in 1935, which I am so proud of. Aunt Carrie and Uncle Frank are buried at Girard.
    1. Minnie Pearson, married Zeal Taylor.
      1. Sally Taylor McAteer
      2. Lula Taylor Raney
      3. Junia Taylor Long’
      4. Frank Taylor
      5. Juanita Taylor Bilbrey
      6. Eddie Taylor
      7. Grady Taylor
      8. Billy Taylor
      9. Charlie Taylor
    2. Nannie Pearson, married John Edwards.
      1. Clinton Edwards
      2. Ezra Edwards
      3. Eula (Punk) Edwards Bural
      4. Reba Edwards Carter
      5. Pauline (Polly) Edwards
      6. Qcie Edwards Stinnett
      7. F. R. Edwards
      8. Matilda Alene Edwards Goza
      9. Lois Madeline (Bobby) Edwards
    3. Matilda Pearson, married Other Vincent.
      1. Quata Vincent
      2. Inez Vincent
      3. Frances Vincent
      4. Cleo Vincent
      5. Doyle Vincent. Doyle was in ay third grade class when I taught at Lost Laxe School, Kent County. L.S. 
    4. Kate Pearson, carried John Kelly.
      1. Una Kelly
      2. Glenn Kelly
      3. Dorothy Kelly
  3. J. M. Pearson was born January 16, 1859, died in infancy.
  4. Matilda Rebecca Pearson was born in Tennessee, January 22, i860. She married Wesley Jones January 5, 1881. He was born in Indiana October 1856. They were members of the Methodist Church, and Aunt Tilda was a good Bible teacher most of her life. Uncle Wes owned and operated a general mercantile country store on his property, near their big two story house at Lanham. In the summer of 1925, I took the train at Girard and went to Hamilton, Texas to visit my cousin, Tilda Maud Pointer, daughter of Aunt Nannie and Uncle Billy Pointer. She and I went to Lanham and spent several days with Aunt Tilda and Uncle Wes. Their children were all gone from home, and we enjoyed being petted and catered to by Aunt Tilda. Uncle Wes died November 28, 1934. Buddy and I took Mama and Dad to his funeral at Lanham. They had eight sons, no daughters, all born at Lanham, and all have passed on.
    1. Charles Chester Jones, born May 2, 1883, died in infancy.
    2. Elmer Newton Jones, born March 28, 1885. Married Glessie Lee Sayles August 15, 1917. Me died March 7, 1965.
      1. Barbara Marilyn Jones Blum
      2. Wilbert Elverne Jones
    3. Alisa T. Jones, born April 27, 1887. Married Alma Bose Martin. She was born November 11, 1886. He died May 23, 1970. She died in 1972. They are buried at Lanham.
      1. Allsa T. Jr., Jones
      2. Harold Chester Jones
      3. Martha Camille Jones
    4. Wesley Pedro Jones, born April 15, 1889. Married Minnie Myrtle Davidson August 17, 1908. He died December 2, 1958.
      1. Wesley Claud Jones
      2. James Neal Jones
      3. Myrtle Inez Jones
      4. Robert Kooken Jones
    5. Doctor Earl Jones, born October 28, 1891, died as infant.
    6. Noah Leota Jones, born October 10, 1896, married Hallie Mabel Crosby. He died April 26, 1976 and is buried at Lanham. Hallie lives alone in their home at Lanham.
      1. Leota Wesley Jones, born November 1, 1919. He was married to Norma Lee Sellers January 1,1941. They live 10 miles east of Hamilton, Texas, on Highway 22, in Sycamore Creek bottom. I have been sorresponding with Cousin Wesley and he says,”I have lived in the Lanham Community since I was born here.” He is a local preacher in the Methodist Church, serving the Lanham, Jonesboro, and Turnerville churches. He was kind to send me Xeroxed copies of genealogical data of the entire Wes Jones family, for which I am very grateful. He has been in the ministry since 1952, and as he has stated in the last letter I had from him, he was planning to take retirement at the annual conference in Waco, Texas in June of 1985.
        1. Juanita Ruth Jones, born February 13, 1943, married Malcom Gray in 1971 and they have 3 children.
        2. John Wesley Jones, born December 4, 1944, married Cathey Williams May 30, 1963. They live in Hamilton where John is in the garage, welding, wrecker business. He is in his new building south of Hamilton off of Highway 281.
        3. Marolyn Elaine Jones, born December 9, 1953, married Russell Gromatzky November 6, 1971. They live in Waco, Texas where he is a mechanic at Central Freight Lines, and she works at Westview National Bank.
        4. James Hal Jones, born January 15, 1957, married Sheila Renee Bates September 2, 1978. He is Parts manager for Truckmotive in Waco, and she works at a finance office. They have one son, Brandon.
      2. Raymond Montiel Jones, born February 8, 1923, married Prudence Sellers October 1941. She is the sister of Norma, Wesley’s wife.
        1. Jerry Paul Jones, born September 6, 1942, married Sherry Roten, 1971.
        2. Peggy Janell Jones, born January 3, 1944, married Donald W. Bullard August 13, 1962.
        3. Joyce Faye Jones, born February 8, 1946, married Bernard Andrews August 28, 1964.
        4. Donald Ray Jones, born April 15, 1948, married Pamela Kay Thompson July 12, 1969.
      3. Ollie Keith Jones, born September 20, 1899, died in infancy.
      4. Irvin Truly Jones, born May 4, 1902, married Mary Rachel Lloyd August 9, 1924. He died April 9, 1962. They had two children:
        1. Irvin Truly Jones. Jr., born August 30, 1927.
        2. Mary Nell Jones, born May 18, 1938, married Jerry D. Witte July 28, 1956. They have two children, David D. Witte and Laura Nell Witte, and 1 grandchild.
  5. Nancy Pearson was born April 18, 1863, in Eastern Tennessee. She married William Ezra Pointer at the bride’s home in Lanham, Hamilton County, Texas. He was born in Indiana October 17, 1861. Uncle Billy died in 1936 and Aunt Nan died April 13, 1955. They are buried at Hamilton. I knew Aunt Nannie and Uncle Billie bet ter than any of Mama’s relatives after visiting them oftener. They had 12 children, only 3 still living today.
    1. Minnie Vivian Pointer
    2. Lula Pointer
    3. Elizabeth Kisiah Pointer
    4. Horace Preston Pointer
    5. Ella B. Pointer
    6. William Ben Pointer
    7. Samuel Pointer
    8. Charlie Pointer
    9. Doctor W. Pointer
    10. Lonnie Pointer
    11. Hoy Pointer
    12. Tilda Maud Pointer Wright
  6. Ella Pearson was born March 13, 1866, in Eastern Tennessee. She married Henry Hovey September 29, 1889, at Millerville. He was born December 10, 1866 in Illinois, and was a half brother to her sister, Tilda’s husband, Wesley Jones. Aunt Ella died September 22, 1959. Uncle Henry died May 12, 1956. They are both buried in the Lanham cemetery. Their children were:
    1. Emma Pearl, born July 20, 1891, died January 7, 1895*
    2. Sarah Myrtle, born February 28, 1895- She married Tivis R. Abbott July 5, 1920. He died November 7, 1969, She lives alone in Hamilton and is 90 years old. She says that she can’t see to read. She enjoys living near her sister Minnie, and they are the only children of Aunt Ella who are still living. Myrtle’s children honored her with open house in which the whole community was invited on her 90th birthday, February 28, 1985. Cousin Wesley Jones sent me a full page newspaper write-up from the Hamilton Herald News dated February 28, 1985 titled, ’’Happy Birthday, Mama”. It was full of pictures of Myrtle and her family at various stages of their lives. Myrtle and Tivis had 5 children, all still living:
      1. Henry Beth Abbott, married Dalton Hogg, sheriff of Terrell County. They live at Sanderson.
      2. Inez Abbott, married Chester Jones. She is a teacher in the Wink, Texas school district.
      3. Matilda Abbott Treadway, a widow who resides in Hamilton and owns Treadway Hearing Center.
      4. T. R. Abbott, Jr., is retired from the Air Force and lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma.
      5. Lee Abbott, who is married to John Harris, lives at Fort Stockton, Texas, and she is archivist of Pecos County.
    3. Zula Agnes Hovey was born November 15, 1897. She was married to Kenneth Sellers May 12, 1921. He died July 30, 1963, and Zula died July 1. 1970. They had 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy.
    4. Minnie Recie Hovey was born October 27, 1900. She was married to Lester Smith March 7, 1920. He died March 11, 1983. They had 8 children, 7 girls and 1 boy. Minnie wrote, ”I remember seeing all of you Beaver children except the baby that was born in Kent County.” She continued, ”I remember going to your parents’ home at Millerville, Elizabeth and Joe Ratliff lived across the little branch from them. I have a picture of Aunt Minnie and Uncle Ed with their first four children.” I am sorry that I don’t have the names of Minnie and Lester’s children.
    5. Henry Vertice Hovey, born January 25, 1903. He married Lorena Poe. That marriage was dissolved and he married Ola Smith, who is still living. Vertice died March 3, 1971. He had one daughter by his first wife.
  7. Samintha Azeline Pearson, born December 12, 1870, the only one of Grandma and Grandpa Pearson’s children born in Bates County, Missouri. She married Mikiel Edwin Beaver at Millerville Erath County, Texas, January 6, 1889. They had eleven children. See her story on page 58.

Charles and Elizabeth Pearson, Parents of Minnie Beaver

Tomb of Gradma Pearson, Millerville Cemetery

Minnie Pearson Beaver and her sister, Tilda Pearson Jones.

Uncle Frank Pearson

Uncle Wes and Aunt Tilda Jones and Uncle Henry and Out Ella Hovey

Aunt Nannie and Uncle Billy Pointer

Tilda Maud Pointer Wright and husband, Grant

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