Albert Edwin Hukel – Nephew of Ed Beaver

Written By Edwin's Grandson, Ronald J. Barnett San Antonio, Texas

These days, about all that is left of Millerville is its cemetery. But once, not too very long ago, Millerville, which never officially became a town, was the hub of a little farm ing community a few miles outside of Hico in north-central Texas. Along with the cemetery, there were a schoolhouse and a Church of Christ. Dusty, unpaved roads connected Millerville to the various farmhouses that were scattered across the sur rounding countryside.

It was in this close-knit community that Albert Edwin Hukel was born Friday, November 25, 1892, in the house of his parents on the Joseph Beaver farm. Edwin, as he was called by his middle name, was the first of eleven children (two boys, nine girls) born to Robert Dudley Hukel and Mary Ann Beaver Hukel.

As a young boy, Edwin found that, on the farm, one soon learned to accept responsibility. He grew to help his parents with the daily farm chores. With his father, he worked in the fields of corn, or maize, and cotton. He tended the vegetable garden with his mother, keeping the weeds out, and watching with fascination as the garden grew to provide fresh vegetables for the dinner table. He, also, had to keep a protective, brotherly eye on his brother and sisters as they came along.

The Millerville Church of Christ was constructed on land donated by Edwin’s grandfather, James Silas Hukel, who was a Church of Christ minister, and who, naturally became the minister of the newly built church.

The church quickly became the social, and, of course, religious center of the community. In addition to the regular services, there would be week-long revivals with day and night services. Folks would bring baskets of food to these all day affairs snd spend the time alternating between prayer, good food, and friendly socializing. Nearly everyone in the community were Church of Christ members, and Edwin was no exception. Through the church, he developed his strong belief in the Lord, and nurtured his religious faith.

When he was old enough, Edwin attended the Millerville school where he acquired a penchant for an education. He decided that he was going to get a good education, and set out to do so. After he learned all he could at the Millerville school, he traveled over to Hico where he attended a school offering more advanced courses of study. Also, through the years, he took various correspondence courses, did a lot of reading, and, when all was said and done, Edwin had the equivalent of a college education.

Early on, Edwin developed a strong attraction for music, which became his main course of study. He learned to read music, and gradually learned to play the piano, mandolin, guitar, and violin. All this, and he liked to sing, too.

He put his musical skills to good use. He taught piano to his sisters, Dollie and Jewell, and formed the Hukel Quartet which sang together for many years.

The Albert Henry Glover family farm adjoined the Hukel farm, and Mr. and Mrs. Glover were the proud parents of five girls and one boy. One of the girls, Maud, and Edwin became attracted to each other, courted, fell in love, eloped, and were married on Saturday, July 25, 1914. Edwin was twenty-one, and Maud was fifteen.

Shortly afterwards, the Glovers moved to Corpus Christi apparently, they were hoping the change in climate would help Mr. Glover, who was suffering with bouts of ill health. Edwin and Maud decided to go along with them, and it was there on Friday, July 2, 1915, Maud gave birth to their first child, Mary Maudel.

In the summer of 1916, the Glovers decided to return to their farm in Millerville. Edwin and family also returned to Millerville, and took up residence in a house on the farm of Edwin’s grandmother Beaver. It was there, on Sunday, December 18, 1921, that son Ramon E. was born.

In 1923, Edwin moved his family to Sweetwater, Texas, where Maud’s sister, Ella and husband Fussell Carpenter, had moved sometime before. Edwin went to work for the Sweetwater Cotton seed Oil Mill (where Russell was already employed) during the winter months, and farmed land for three different landowners during the spring and summer.

Using his knowledge as a musician and singer, Edwin taught classes in Gospel singing in several communities around Sweet water. He also composed many hymns, several of which were pub lished.

Life settled into a comfortable routine for the Edwin Hukel family over the next several years. He worked at the mill and all the family pitched in with the farm work. Edwin continued to teach and write music, and enjoyed playing his musical instru ments. He and Maud watched the kids growing up robust and healthy and in 1933, daughter Mary married the man of her dreams and left home. Things went well enough until 1936 when Maud became ill and needed an operation which left her with an infection that she could not fight off. She grew steadily weaker until on Friday, August 28, 1936, she passed away, at thirty-seven years of age. As per her wishes, she was buried in the cemetery at Millerville.

After Maud’s death, Edwin and son, Ramon, moved to Stephenville Texas to be nearer to Edwin’s Barents. His daughter, Mary stayed in Sweetwater with her husband, James G. Barnett, where their daughter Gloria was born in 1935. In 1945, their son, Ronald J. Barnett was born.

Edwin decided to go into business for himself, and opened his own piano shop in Stephenville. He knew or learned everything there was to know about a piano. He bought and sold them, repaired them, and even refinished them if the needed it. He even tuned pianos, frequently going out on house or business calls to do so.

The years passed, and life, once again settled into routine. Ramon finished school, net a girl named Wanda Hurley, and they fell in love. On Saturday, September 6, 1941, they were married’ in Stephenville. Ramon was soon called off to World War II, and after his return, he and Wanda traveled around the country, eventually settling in a home in La Habra, California. There they had two fine sons, Dennis Randall and Robert Craig.

Edwin, meanwhile, met and married a widow named Ethel Walker, early in 1942 and he remained married to her until his death. He spent his last years happily married to Ethel, and generally, led the good life, doing the things he loved to do. He continued running his piano business, writing gospel music, and playing the piano and violin. He liked visiting and being visited by friends and relatives, and he enjoyed vacation visits of his children and grandchildren. He succumed to liver cancer on Friday, August 12, I960, and was buried in the Stephenville cemetery. At his funeral two of Edwin’s friends sang a song that Edwin composed a short time before his death, entitled,”I ean Feel Someone Reaching for Me”.

His children and grandchildren were:

  1. Mary Maudel Hukel, born July 2, 1915 in Corpus Christi, Texas. She married James Gerald Barnett March 24, 1933, in Merkel, Texas. He died November 2, 1972, in San Antonio, Texas, and is buried in the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetary, San Antonio, Texas.
    1. Gloria Jean Barnett, born January 29, 1935 in Sweetwater, Texas. Married John H. Small, June 26, 1953.
      1. Deborah Lynn Small, born July-25, 1954, married Jim Duncan December 2, 1971.
        1. Angel Christine Duncan, born May 19, 1973.
        2. Richard, born April 10, 1981.
      2. Sheryl Ann Small, born July 13, 1958.
      3. James Stuart, born October 6, 1962.
      4. Loraine Kay, born January 13, I960.
    2. Ronald James Barnett, born August 8, 1945 in Tyler, Texas. He is a bachelor, and is the author of Edwin Hukel’s story in this book. My thanks to him. L.S.
  2. Ramon E. Hukel, born December 13, 1921 in Millerville. He married Wanda Laverne Hurley, September 6, 1941 in Stephenville, Texas. Wanda died March 23, 1979 in Anaheim, California and is buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in La Habra, California. Ramon married Celia Arce May 24, 198O in Las Vegas, Nevada.
    1. Dennis Randall Hukel, born September 21, 1952, in ‘ Fullerton, Orange County, California. Married to Susan Ellen Dietrich.
      1. Rebecca Michelle, born March 25, 1983.
    2. Robert Craig Hukel, born August 15, 1956 in Pico Rivera, California. Married Cyndi Anne Taylor, March 20, 1982.
      1. Courtney Tanya Hukel, born July 5, 1984.
  3. Tilda Lee Hukel, born October 11, 1894 at Millerville. She married Joseph G. Salisbury in 1913. She died the 16th of February, 1927, and is buried in the Longworth cemetery near Sweetwater, Texas. Her husband died November 22, 1952.
    1. Twins, died at birth, buried at Millerville.
    2. Ersel Salisbury, born February 10, 1916 at Millerville. Married Nancy Harriet Warren June 17, 1939 in Milano, Texas. Members of First Baptist Church. Earsel and Nancy moved from Rock Dale to Freeport, where he was service manager for Ray Wright Chevrolet. After retiring they moved to White Tail Ridge Lake Estates near Woodville, Texas.
      1. Ben Ersel, born April 18, 1940 in Rock Dale, Tex. Married Lynda Staldt. He was in the army from November 17, 1958 until three years and two months. He then went to Lamar Tech College in Beaumont for four years, receiving a 3.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering.
        1. Beniamin Edward, born November 15, 1969.
        2. Theresa Lyn, born April 20, 1971.
      2. Erline, born October 10, 1942 in Rock Dale, Texas. Married Willie Ray Greer.
        1. Kathleen Diane, born January 6, 1973.
        2. Warren E., born August 28, 1974.
      3. Doris Jane, born February 11, 1944, at West Columbia, Texas. Married Allen Owens.
        1. Ray Allen, born August 21, 1965.
        2. Lorna Lee, born January 29, 1969.
        3. Corey Wayne, born April 5, 1979.
        4. Leah Lehan, born September 26, 1981.
      4. Nancy Ellen, born May 1947 at Freeport, Texas. Married John Montgomery.
        1. Michael Scott, born February 21, 1971.
        2. Brian Earsel, born June 21, 1976.
    3. Robert L. Salisbury, born June 7, 1918, at Millerville. He married Dorothy Ruth Tuna September 13, 1939, in Rock Dale, Texas. She died July 28, 1956. Robert L. Salisbury’s second wife is Isabelle A. Broussard. They married May 28, 1959. He has one stepson, Rocky J. Boudroux, born November 11, 1943. Robert says his grandmother Mary Ann, could make the best teacakes ever, and by the dishpan full.
      1. Boyce Dean, born October 16, 194l, died same day.
      2. Janice Diana, born November 17, 1942 in Rock Dale, Married John Charles Mayfield, July 1, 1967 Johnson City, Texas.
        1. Jored Clark, born July 20, 1972, in Port Lavaca, Texas.
        2. Janelle Dawn, born July 13, 1975, Port Lavaca, Texas.
      3. Robert Glenn, born November 28, 1944 in Rock Dale, Texas. Served in Army from 1961 to 1965. Owner of Angleton Real Estate in Angleton, Texas.
      4. Sheryilyn Kay, born November 10, 1954, married Perry F. Plentl, December 23, 1972, in Angleton, Texas.
        1. Monika Lyn, born August 5, 1978.
        2. Dustin Robert, born March 20, 1982.
    4. Verline Salisbury
    5. Vernon Dean Salisbury, born May 12, 1926, at Millerville. Married Pearl Chronister September 1, 1946. He served two years in the Army, discharged in 1946.
      1. Vernon Dean, born May 24, 1950. Married Jolene Curry December 18, 1971. After being discharged from the Army he finished college at the University of Houston with a degree in Business Administration. Vernon is employed with the Telephone company in Texas City, Texas.
        1. Wade Anthony, born 1975.
        2. Kimberly Ann, born 1980
      2. Mary Bell, born November 28, 1952, married in 1973. Mary Bell remarried in 1980 to Stanly Schumann. He adopted David in 1980.
        1. David Eugene, born December 29, 1977.
      3. Mark Wayne, born March 30, 1956, married Ann, Sembember 25, 1976. Spent two years in Air Corps. Now working in the Blue Water Estates as Air Conditioner Technician.
      4. Carolyn Sue, born April 27, 1958, married Michael Clark September 1, 1976.
        1. A son born April 19, 1980.
  4. Martha Jewell Hukel, born February 10, 1896 at Millerville. She died January Id, 1938 and is buried at Millerville. She was a member of the Church of Christ, music graduate, and taught piano and voice. She was a professional seamstress, and enjoyed knitting and tatting. She kept busy sewing for all of her sisters while they were growing up. She had a green thumb and had about the prettiest yard in the country.
  5. Mary Jane Hukel, born November 11, 1897 at Millerville. She is a homemaker and a member of the Church of Christ. Married Hunter August 15, 1920 at Millerville. He is a retired farmer and carpenter, and they live in Hico, Tex.
    1. Oleta Hunter, born October 9, 1924 in Erath County, near Hico, married Fred Royal Cooper April 28, 1945. She works in a sewing factory in Iredell, Texas. He works at Morton’s Manufacturing Company in the town of Stephenville.
      1. Billie Fred Cooperer, born September 5, 1951 in Hico. He is an electrician, married to Connie Lee ’.Villiams of Clariette, Texas. They have one son, Michael Shane, born March 12, 1973.
    2. Robert Henry Hunter, born April 20, 1928 in Erath County, married Willie Dean Horton September 17, 1943. Members of the Church of Christ.
      1. Linda Gail Hunter, born June 11, 1951, Hico, Texas, married Richard J. Connor May 51, 1971. Two children, Cynthia Connor, bornApril 20, 1972, and Janet Beth, born December 22, 1976.
      2. Sherry Kay Hunter, born September 9, 1956 in Hico. Married Robert Paul Scott April 6, 1973. Two children Ryan Paul and Dustin Clint.
      3. Randy Lynn Hunter, born January 16, 1971, Hico.
      4. Susan Rae Hunter, born June 28, 1971, Hico.
    3. Nicholas Doyle Hunter, born April 24, 1929, in Hico, Texas. Married Anna Zarycki March 25, 1953.
      1. Doyle Ray Hunter, born August 50, 1954.
      2. Michael Lewis Hunter, born May 5, 1956. Married Laura Bra/-November 15, 1980.
      3. Nicky DeWayne Hunter.
  6. Ruby Essie Hukel, born May 16, 1899 at Millerville. Married Thomas Franklin Canady. She died July 9, 1946. He died December 1963. Both are buried at Dublin, Texas.
    1. Cecil Floyd Canady, born September 18, 1921 in Erath County. Missing in action and presumed dead August 9, 1942. He was legally declared dead 3 years later. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy August 6, 1939, and was stationed at Pearl Harbor on the ship U.S.S. Oklahoma when it was hit by Japanese aircraft in the bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. He escaped with his life at that time, and later served on the U.S.S. Jarvis, a destroyer that had survived the Pearl Harbor attack, but was later crippled by enemy torpedo August 8, 1942 at Guadalcanal at the battle of Salvo Island. During the few seconds of terror and confusion the order came to abandon ship. The boats, life rafts and preservers went into the water, but the captain, aided by his men, put out the fire, patched up the engineering plant, and jettisoned torpedoes. The destroyer, Dewey, came alongside and towed the Jarvis to a shal low-water anchorage near the Guadalcanal beaches. But no one took tine to retrieve the boats and life rafts, and fourteen men were missing and seven others were wounded. The seven were transferred to the ship MacCawley. Despite a fifty-foot gash in her side, the Jarvis was no longer in imminent danger, so it left in the night to avoid another daylight attack. The captain had explicit orders to leave for the Jew Hebrides with an escort ship the next day, taking the eastern route which had already been swept for mines. But the question is, did he ever receive the orders? His radio was knocked out in the battle. He did leave and his ship disappeared the next day, August 9, 1942, without leaving a trace while enroute to a repair base in Sydney, Australia. The U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings nave confirmed to the best of their ability, from Japanese records, that the Jarvis was attacked again 35 miles southwest of Guadalcanal, and sunk with no survivors.
    2. Alton Boon Canady, born September 5, 1922, Erath County. Service Record: Enlisted in U.S. Air Force November 9, 1942, 3rd Air Force, 351st Wing Squadron, stationed at McDill Field, Tampa, Florida. Overseas with European Theater of Operations in North Africa, Naples, Italy, and Rome, Italy. Was sent home from Rome in March of 1945 because his brother Cecil, died in action. He was honorably discharged November 8, 1945. He married Leamon Malone January 24, 1942 at Stephenville, Texas. Alton’s second marriage to Theta Reed January 22, 1947 at Stephenville. She died May 15, 1984. Alton’s third marriage to Myrna Holliday April 5, 1984 at Lovington, New Mexico. They live at Midland, Texas.
      1. Bobby Don Canady, born May 2, 1943, married Christine Tilton.
        1. Bryan Canady, born February 23, 1971.
        2. Amber Canady, born July 19, 1974.
      2. David Scott Canady, born February 23, 1961.
    3. Mallie Nadine Canady, born May 3, 1924, married T. L. Wylie October 31, 1945 at Post, Texas. He died August 22, 1978. Mallie Nadine’s second marriage to Glen Sparkman December 21, 1968 in Mineral Wells, Texas. They live in Granbury, Texas.
      1. Karen Wylie, born June 11, 1954, married Steve White March 19, 1978.
        1. T. Loren White, born February 15, 1982
  7. William Roy Hukel, born November 18, 1902, at Millerville, Texas. He married Opal Agnes Henderson in June of 1926. She died December 12, 1984 and is buried in Riverside, California. They had four children.
    1. a. Martha Ann Hukel Martin – Wagner
      1. Lynda Martin, married PaulRoy Kangas.
      2. Patricia La Gloria Martin, married Christopher Brieter. One child, Scott Brieter.
      3. Barbara Martin, one child, Jennifer Soto.
    2. Cleo Wade Hukel.
      1. Rachel Hukel.
    3. Lenora Sue Hukel, married Richard Dana Costello.
      1. Jamie Christopher Costello.
      2. La Tresa Diana Costello.
  8. Bonnie Caroline Hukel, born April 14, 1904, at Millerville Erath County, Texas, married Lesley M. Hancock, December 18, 1943. They operated a furniture store in Aransas Pass, Texas. Lesley died in 1967 and Bonnie died November 27, 1979. They are both buried in the Valley Grove cemetery near Stephenville, Texas.
  9. Mallie Edna Hukel, born January 15, 1906, at Millerville. She married James Osborn Ellis April 20, 1938, Ft. Worth, Texas. She was a professional seamstress and a homemaker. Ellis was superintendent of Calmet Water Meter Factory of Well Machine Supply Company of Fort Worth. They retired and moved on his ranch in Tupelo, Oklahoma. They now live in Stephenville, Texas, across the street from our cousin, George Washington McCollum and wife, Connie. Jane, J.T., Buddy and I had a short, but pleasant visit with them in October, 1989-. L.S.
  10. Daphene Hukel, born August 20, 1907, at Millerville. She was the ninth of eleven children of Mary and Dudley Hukel. She attended school in the Busby Community, about 5 miles north of Sweetwater, Texas. She was active in basketball and served as captain through the 1923-1924 season when they won the district championship. She married Walter C. Guelker November 7, 1925. He was born in Washington County, near Burton, Texas, August 6, 1903. They farmed in Fisher County for about 21 years, moving into Sweetwater in 1946, then to San Angelo in May of 1951. There, Daphene started a nursing career, graduating May 12, 1967. She retired in 1976 at the age of 68. Walter died May 6, 1982, after a long battle with cancer, at the age of 78. He is buried in Lawnhaven Memorial Gardens in San Angelo, Texas. Daphene enjoys games of ”42” with family and friends. One of her favorite pastimes is working crossword puzzles.
    1. Jack Geneign Guelker, born June 18, 1926. Fisher County, Texas. After he graduated from High School in Sweetwater, he was drafted into the army December 13, 1944. After he finished basic at Camp Hood, he was sent to Maryland, and from there to Hawaii for a year. He was honorably discharged in August of 1946, and left January 1, 1947 to work for Latex Construction Company out of Houston, then later for Houston Contracting Company. He married Bobbie Stewart in Lake Charles, Louisiana February 23, 1951. His work took him over a large part of the world. While in Nigeria West Africa, the natives made him honorary chief. He said, “If they like you, you know it, snd if they don’t like you, you know it”. He went into business with Gregory and Cook, Inc., and is still associated: with this company. He and Bobbie divorced after 23 years of marriage. He later remarried, a widow with two sons. She was Becky Polk Heins, born in Plain view, Texas, November 26, 1931. They live on their ranch of 113 acres, about 13 miles from Seguin, Texas. They had a house built and named the ranch the “J & B”.
      1. David Geneigh Guelker, born September 10, 1952 in Laurel, Mississippi. After graduation he attended Mississippi State for two years, then received his degree from Southern Mississippi University in Hattiesburg. He is now employed by a bank in Laurel, Mississippi.
      2. Stepsons, Bruce and Patrick Heins.
    2. Bonnie Marcelene Guelker, born June 5, 1928, in Fisher County. She attended Busby rural school until it consolidated with Sweetwater schools. She graduated from Newman High School in Sweetwater in May of 1946. She married Leon Goswick in Roscoe, Texas May 7, 1951. He was born July 21, 1927 in Westbrook, Texas. They lived in Snyder and Sweetwater wnere they were in the oil service and equipment business.
      1. Jennifer Le Goswick, born October 22, 1956, was married on,the 22.August, 1975 to Rick Wilkinson.
        1. Tara Lynette ‘Wilkinson, born February 15, 1977.
        2. Kyle Vance Goswick, born August 19, 1980.
      2. Laura Le Goswick, born December 24, 1959, married Dennis Orr July 1, 1978. She works at “Backstage”, a young ready-to-wear shop on the square, Sweetwater
        1. La Tisha Orr, born January 10, 1979.
    3. Allene Doris Guelker. born February 15, 1930, at Busby. She married Dewey Marvin Teel April 19, 1947, Sweetwater. They lived in their home on W. Alabama Street, Sweetwater for 27 years. They now live on a 12.9 acre piece of land in County Estates Addition 5 miles west of there. Doris has three dogs, one named Jeetle is 15 years old.
      1. Dewey Lynn Teel, born March 2, 1948. Sweet water, Texas. He received a B.S. Degree in Math from Angelo State University, and a Masters Degree in 1977. He is Assistant Principal at Alamo Junior High in Midland, Texas. He married Carolyn Williams December 23, 1970.
        1. Kevin Lynn, born August 22, 1971.
        2. Mark Nathaniel, born December 18, 1975.
        3. Michael Lance, born January 17, 1975.
      2. Barry Jack. Teel, born May 4,1956, Sweetwater. Graduated form Newman High, May 1974. Married’ Janie Parsons July 8, 1978. She was born in Lamesa-, Texas December 6, 1959.
        1. Andrew David Teel, born April 3, 1982.
      3. Jeff Earl Teel, born July 18, 1957, Sweetwater. He graduated from Newman High and attended Texas Tech, Lubbock for 2 years, as an art major. He is still single and now lives at Oak Creek Lake, Backwell, Texas, where he is employed by West Texas Utilities.
  11. Roxye Grace Hukel, born September 24, 1906, Miller ville, Texas. She married Lloyd Powell in Sthenville, Texas in 1940. Roxye is a homemaker, and Lloyd re tired from the United Telephone Company in 1977. They are members of the Church of Christ. Among some of the witticisms of Grandma Nancy Beaver, Roxye remembers one in particular. Grandma and some of the children started to Hico one hot summer day and the wagon broke down. They all had to get out, gather up their belongings and walk quite a way back home. Grandma was aggravated about it, and commented, “Boy, am I hot!”. One of the boys promptly offered to carry her jacket and purseshe looked at him and grinned, “Never mind, honey,” she said. “I’m not that kind of hot!”
    1. Patricia Ann Powell, born in Fort Worth, Texas, October 13, 1941. She attended Stephenville schools, including Tarleton State University. She was married to John E. 3arham July 26, 1963, and divorced in 1978. Patricia is a claims represent ative with State Farm Insurance Company in Stephenville, Texas, and has completed several insurance courses in connection with her work. She is a member of the Church of Christ in S tephenville.
      1. John Brady Barham, born May 13, 1967.
      2. Mollie Elizabeth Barham, born March 16, 1970.
  12. Dollie Elizabeth Hukel, the youngest child of Mary Ann Beaver and Dudley Hukel, was born December 6, 1911, at Millerville. She married Clinton Ellis Canady on October 11, 1932, at Marietta, Oklahoma. She and her children lived throughout the United States while trave ling with her husband, who was in the service, then in the oil business, Ser husband died October 25, 1946 and is buried at Duffau, Texas. Dollie, a homemaker until she was widowed, then became a practical nurse, retiring in 1974. She is a lifelong member of the Church of Christ. She says, “I was about six years old when our Grandpa Beaver died, but I can remember going up to Grandma’s house and she would be sitting in front of the fireplace churning and smoking her cob pipe. She had a tooth missing, and the stem of her pipe fit in the gap perfectly.”
    1. Mary Mae Canady, born October 18, 1933 in Erath County, near Duffau, Texas. She married Wayne Douglas 3rown April 6, 1950 in Weatherford, Texas. He died in 1970. Mary Mae and her daughter lived throughout the United States as her husband, Mr. Brown, pursued his work as a crop duster and writer. Mary Mae Married Robert M. Rains, MD., October 15,1964 and divorced him in 1966. She has been an accountant since the early 195O’s, and is presently located in the Fort Worth area. Her daughter, Mary Lynn is a physical education instructor with the Greenville, Texas school, where her husband is District Soil Conservationist with the Soil Conservation Service.
      1. Mary Lynn Brown, born February 1, 1951, Stephen- – ville, Texas, married Samuel James Stewart, on January 29, 1967, in Stephenville.
        1. Rachel Lynn Stewart, born October 25, 1968, Hico, Texas.
        2. James Matthew Stewart, born December 22, 1972 , Waco , Texas .
      2. Carolyn Beth Canady, born April 9, 1944, in Stephenville, Texas. She married Lonnie Gene Teague August 31, 1962, in Stephenville. She has been in office administration for many years in Dallas area where her husband, Dr. Teague is a physiologist in private practice.
        1. Jennifer Lynn Teague, born March 1, 1965, Dallas, Texas.
        2. Barry Michael Teague, born December 11, 1969 in Dallas. 

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