Ebaline Wilson Standley Evans Ramfield – Daughter of John and Kitty Wilson and Aunt of Ed Beaver

My great Aunt Ebaline Wilson was born in Nicholas County, Kentucky December 23, 1830. She married Robert Standley in Carlisle, Kentucky November 29, 1848. His mother was a sister to Ebaline’s mother making them first cousins. He served with the Confederate Army during the Civil War. From Novella’s book I learned that he had started home, saw some enemy soldiers, hid behind a fallen tree,, and when he peeked out to see where they were they shot and killed him. This left Aunt Eb widowed at age 30, and with six small children to raise. Probably, out of desperation, she married an old Confederate Major named M.L. Evans, April 30, 1865. Evidently he lived only a short time after the marriage for she married her third husband on December 19, 1866, in Bates County, Missouri. His name was Mike Ramfield, born in Germany September 20, 1827. Grandpap Wilson and my Grandma Nancy Jane Beaver were present at the wedding, according to a copy of a sworn statement dated March 6, 1883. This affidavit was given for the purpose of helping Aunt Eb procure a widow’s pension, which she received $8.00 per month, plus $2.00 per month for each of her two sons under the age of 15. She also received $1,366.00 retroactive pay. This was, no doubt, a great help to her in her old age.

Aunt Ebaline was a midwife who probably delivered more babies in the surrounding communities than any one doctor did. She rode a mare to the homes where she delivered babies for the enormous charge of $3.00 per baby. She delivered the first six of Mama’s children, but by that time Old Dr. Hubbard started going out from Hico to the rural communities, and she began to use his services with the birth of our brother Hubbert. She said that she always had the feeling that Aunt Eb became offend ed at her for that.

Aunt Ebaline sold her home in Millerville and moved to Lanham Mill north of Glen Rose in 1904 where- she made her home with her son Mike and wife until her death July 11, 1916. Aunt Ebaline had six children by Robert Standley. They were:

  1. Kitty Standlev, born April 6, 1850, in Kentucky. She married Charlie Meyers. She died October 6, 1918.
    1. Ebbie Meyers, born October 31, 1875, died February 3, 1969.
    2. Bob Meyers, born January 3, 1877, died April h, 1935.
    3. William Meyers, born August 1, 1878, died June 24. 1966.
    4. Gus Meyers, born 1880, died 1962.
    5. A twin sister to Gus, either stillborn or died soon after.
    6. John A. Meyers, born 1833, died 1957.
  2. Frank Standley, born April 25, 1851, in Kentucky. He married Ann Brownfield December 17, 1871 in Bates County, Missouri. Grandpap Wilson performed the rites. He died in 1942 in Ellensburg, Washington.
    1. Mary Standley, born September 25, 1873. Died September 3, 1953.
    2. Robert F. Standley, Sr., born January 3, 1875, Austin, Texas. Died November 23, 1964.
    3. Millard F. Standley, born September 15, 1880, Erath County. Killed in 1906 when a horse threw him.
    4. Jasper N, Standley, born April 15, 1886. Died July 2, 1964.
    5. Pearl Lee Standley, born August 30, 1888, Arkansas. Died August 22, 1956.
  3. John William Standley, born December 17, 1853, Kentucky, married Maggie Manning in 1875. He died November 14, 1943.
    1. Clara Standley Morris
    2. Luther Standley
    3. Maud Standley Babb
    4. Odessa Standley Brannon
    5. Grover Standley
    6. Robert Standley
    7. John Frances Standley
  4. Mary Elizabeth Standley,born 1857, Ohio. Married Elijah (Lige) Conner in 1875,died 1947.
    1. Cora Conner Ford
    2. Dora Conner Starley
    3. Jack Conner
    4. Albert Lee Conner
    5. Frank R. Conner
    6. Jesse Conner
    7. Charlie Conner
    8. Lucy Ann Conner Nix
  5. Lydia Francis Standley, born November 19, 1859, Bates County, Missouri. She married Oliver Green Balemon on September 23, 1875. She died December 4, 1957 and is buried at Lanham Mill cemetery, Glen Rose, Texas.
    1. William Green Balemon, born September 1876, died October 23, 1918.
    2. Wylie Robinet Balemon, born March 6, 1878.
    3. Cleave Carrington Balemon, born August 3, 1881. Died January 20, I960,
    4. Francis (Frank) Balemon, born March 31, 1884, died October 18, 1946.
    5. Oliver Thomas Balemon, born July 31, 1885, died October 25, 1886.
    6. Kitty Ebaline Balemon Price, born March 11, 1894. Died, March 1, 1961.
    7. Annie Mabel Balemon, born August 31, 1896, married John Wyatt Price.
    8. John Standley Balemon, born September 18, 1899. Died January 2, 1912.
  6. Bob Ann Standley, born November 7, 1862 in Bates County, Missouri. She was the youngest of Aunt Ebaline’s six children by Robert F. Standley. At the age of 13 she married Charlie william August Giesecke. My great grandfather, Joseph R. Beaver performed the ceremony. August was 10 years older than she was. He was born in Flechtington, Province of Saxony of Prussia, 100 miles south of Berlin, which is now East Germany. Prussia, the largest unit of Germany had its beginning in the early 15th century. Provinces or duchies were organized such as Bavaria, Saxony and Lorraine. After the war of the Austrian Secession and the Seven Years War, William I came to the throne of Prussia and chose for his chan cellor Otto Von Bismarck. Bismarck is credited with the final establishment of a united German nation. August Giesecke came to this country when he was 16 years old, to escape military training in Prussia. He was born to Charlie William Gilbreath Giesecke and Charlotte Elizabeth Kiernan Giesecke October 30, 1852. He had two brothers, Adolphus born 1856, and Karl born in i860, who both remained in Germany.
    Borrowing from ”The Giesecke Family” by Marilyn Mills as written in Novella’s book, I would like to include the above and other facts about this large and interesting family. The Giesecke family and ours were close, as many of their boys were peers with the five Ed Beaver boys, and spent many of their early years together. The Charlie and Amy Giesecke family lived at Girard for a time and we were good friends. Jewel was in school at Denton several of the summers we were there, and we enjoyed going to church together.
    When I was about 10 years old August Giesecke came to Girard to visit his son, Charlie and family. It was about the time World War I was about to end. Our brother Clay was in Germany, there was a widespread wave of patriotism in the States anticipating victory. Dad invited August over for dinner one day. After lunch, my sister, Sam and I were in our room singing. We broke out loudly on a patriotic parody of ’’The Old Gray Mare” that went this way: “The Stars and Stripes will wave over Germany, wave over Germany, wave over Germany, a bout six weeks from now”. Mama came rushing in the room whispering, “Hush, August is a German and you are liable to offend him”. Of course she couldn’t have been farther from truth, for as Charlie said about his dad, “He was a true citizen of the U.S.A, and from 1914 to 1918 he bought several hundred dollars of United States war bonds.
    August died February 14, 1927, a man devoted to his family, his adopted country and to the church. Bob Ann died of cancer March 27, 1935. She was the last charter member of the Millerville Church of Christ. They are both buried in the Millerville cemetery. They were the parents of 14- children, the first one, Charlie was born soon after Bob Ann’s 14th birthday, a mere child who be came the mother of 14, all delivered by her mother. Their children were:
    1. Charlie William Giesecke, born January 11, 1877, at Millerville. He married Amy Jane Nix December 18, 1898, by Uncle Andy Wilson, at Millerville. Amy was born March 14-, 1877. They lived several places, but finally settled in a little home in Hico. Buddy and I visited them there one time. Charlie died October 6, I960 and Amy died 25 days later on October JI. They are buried at Millerville. They had 11 children.
      1. Eva Jewel Giesecke Wilkes, born December 14, 1899. Died in Lubbock in 1983.
      2. Winnie Davis Giesecke Lambert, born March 16, 1901, married Leonard P. Lambert. They had 6 children.
      3. Florence Giesecke, born March 11, 1903, in a log cabin at Millerville. She married Loye L. Nichols August 5, 1923. He died and is buried in Tucson, Arizona. We see Florence when we go to Tucson to visit our son, Dan, and family. Three children.
      4. Charlie William Giesecke, Jr., was born November 22,1904, married Arlene Lambert. They lived in west Texas where Charlie taught school, and we saw them occasionally.
      5. Ouida E, Giesecke, born August 22, 1906, at Millerville, married Juan J. Burks on the 25th of December, 1926.
      6. Gracie Evelyn-Giesecke, born June 29, 1908, married Calaway G. Land December 25, 1926.
      7. Austin Texas Giesecke, born December 15, 1909. Married Veda Mae Dye, October 3, 1973.
      8. Elzie Giesecke, born December 29, 1911, died at age 5.
      9. Linnie Mae Giesecke, born May 24, 1914, married November 10, 1933 to Milton R. Land.
      10. Estaleta Giesecke, born May 3, 1918, married John D. Lane.
      11. Chester Amiel Giesecke, born March 31, 1921. Married Verlon Yhornton February 23, 1944.
    2. Ebaline Elizabeth Giesecke, born September 3, 1880. Married William Jenning Clark Nix. Their children were Etta Myrl, Henry Frances, Roy Jennings, Jesse Augusta, Theodore Roosevelt, Mabel, William Clark, (a minister of the Gospel), and Travis.
    3. Effie Elzan Giesecke, born March; 25, 1882, married James Albert Nix. Their children were: Bobbie Roe, Clifton LeRoy, Lily Iowa, Lois Lucille, James F., Truman Melbourne and Thurman Standley.
    4. Etta Mae Giesecke, Died in infancy.
    5. Christopher Columbus Giesecke, born October 5, 1884, died May 18, 1918.
    6. Albert Adolphus Giesecke, born October 9, 1887. He was engaged to be married but died of typhoid fever before the wedding took place.
    7. Augusta Frances Giesecke, born November 19, 1889. married George R. Holladay. Their children were: George, Dorothea, Pauline, Dan and Otis.
    8. Elmer Emil Giesecke, born April 15, 1892, married Amanda Holland. One child, Tanthea.
    9. Louis Bismarck Giesecke, born July 5, 1894, married Suzie Elizabeth Money. The children were: Oneta Pearl, Roberta Allene, Louis B. Jr., Dorcas, and Marilyn Elizabeth. Marilyn married Vernon E. Mills and lives in Stephenville. She has been one of the good sources of information for this book.
    10. Lucy Louisa Giesecke, born July 5, 1894, twin to Louis, married William Carpenter. Their children: Lola Dell, William, Jr.,and Yvonne. Lucy’s second marriage to William A. Pue produced 4 children: Mirands, Helen May, Joy and Jean.
    11. Amy May Giesecke, born September 11, 1896, married Augustue Knick, then a second marriage to Jim Noonkester. Children: Arnold and Herline Knick.
    12. Vinia May Giesecke, born April 4, 1898. died age 6.
    13. Henry M. Stanley Giesecke, born July 12, 1900, he married Nettie Howerton. He was a Gospel preacher. Children: Howard Paul and Elvena Joy.
    14. Melbourne Everett Giesecke, born January 12, 1903, married Irene Rogers. Children: Rondy Ray and Reecie Karl.

Aunt Ebaline’s children by Michael Ramfield were:

  1. Christopher (Chris) Ramfield, born May 1, 1868, in Butler, Bates County, Missouri. He married Mary Lucrecia Taylor January 19, 1888, at Duffau, Texas. The marriage was performed by Grandpap Wilson at the home of Mary’s parents, Zack and Nicy Taylor. They had 5 children, all delivered by their grandma, Ebaline.
    1. Nicy Ebaline Ramfield, born November 11, 1888. She married Theodore Alonzo Drinkard December 11, 1910. He was evangelist for the Church of God. They had 3 children, Annie Lee, Dorothy and Curtis.
    2. Thomas Milton Ramfield, born January 29, 1890. He married Annie Mae McCamant October 20, 1908, divorced 25 years later, married Nona House June 24, 1934.
    3. Dicy Lee Ramfield, born July 19, 1892, married James Clark McClammy December 1, 1909.
    4. Dora Annie Ramfield, born February 2, 1895, married Vivian Euclit May January 31, 1915. He died July 20, 1977. Dora is Novella Wilson’s mother and my third cousin, and she lives with her children. She was just two days older than our brother, Clay. When I was visiting Clay’s wife, Bernice, in November, 1984, she showed me a box of his containing a collection of old postcards. I was surprised to come across this one written to Clay by Dora when they were 15 years old, February 1910. (See rage 27) . Buddy and I had a nice visit with Novella and her husband, John, in November of 1984, and I was sorry that Dora didn’t happen to be there at the time. I am grateful to Novella for the help she has been to me in my effort to trace our roots. She gave me copies of pages from Chris Ramfield’s autograph album which were written by my mother, and by my dad before they were married.
  2. Christena Ramfield was born November 16, 1396, married Claud Tarver March 7, 1919-

Aunt Ebaline was the midwife for all of Chris and Mary’s children. Chris was adept at keeping records of important events, clippings, recipes for home remedies, soap making, pork curing, etc. Novella is fortunate to have inherited the autograph album.

  1. Michael Thomas Wilson Ramfield, was born July 24, 1870, in Bates County, Missouri. He married Hallie Adella Steele July 19, 1891, when she was 13 years old. They had 10 children, all except the last one delivered by Aunt Ebaline. She had passed away before Olivia was born.
    1. Kitty Elizabeth Ramfield, born July 28, 1892. She was never married. We saw Kitty at the nursing home in Gunter, Texas when we visited Lee Ella there. She has since then passed on.
    2. John Esrom Ramfield, born June 9, 1895. Married Louise Farley. They had 3 children, John,Richard and Bill.
    3. Joe Selby Ramfield, born April 24, 1898, married Okla Hall December 24, 1924. One son, Joe Selby, Jr.
    4. Emmett Barham Ramfield, born February 2, 1901, was married to Topsy Mayton December 9, 1927. He was named for Emmett S. Dean, a well known writer of gospel songs, and for his doctor, Barham. They were divorced in 1940 and he married Ruth White, a widow with two sons.
    5. James Andy Ramfield, born September 7, 1903, married Bonnie Jean Woodham October 11, 1928. She had one daughter, Elsie Jean, by a former marriage.
    6. Thomas Calvin Ramfield, born November 4, 1906, was married to Anna Blanche Blythe November 25, 1969. They had both been married before. He had two daughters, Patricia and Deborah.
    7. Christopher Frank’ Ramfield, born March 18, 1909, died at age 12.
    8. Leola Moiree Ramfield, born November 11, 1911, Married Leslie Roy Hall March 16, 1929. Two children, Betty Fern and James Roy.
    9. Michael Leonard Ramfield, born February 1, 1915. We saw Leonard at the Gunter Nursing Home. He was very active in their devotional meetings that we attended there, and he was a good song leader and teacher.
    10. Olivia Fern Ramfield, born July 31, 1917, married Alton Lester Dillon, September 16, 1939. They had two children, Alton Forrest and Iva Marie. 
Copies of passes from Chris Ramfield’s Autograph Album in which my parents penned notes before they were married.

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