Nancy Jane Wilson and Joseph C. Myers – Daughter of John and Kitty Wilson and Mother of Ed Beaver

My grandmother, Nancy Jane Wilson, was born August 26, 1832, in Nicholas County, Kentucky. She was next to the oldest of the  five children born to John and Kitty Wilson. When she was sixteen years of age, she married Joseph C. Myers, age thirty-four,  at Carlisle, Kentucky. They had seven children, five of which were born in Kentucky and two in Bates County, Missouri. We are not sure of the exact date they migrated to Missouri, but it was probably late in the year 1858. Her husband, Joseph Myers, was drafted into the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and was killed in action.

Their children were:

  1. John Thomas Myers, born in 1850. He married Mary Margaret McIntire ca. 1870. She was born in Kentucky October 27, 1851, died May 8, 1888. After she died, he married Rebecca Teller. There were seven children born to John Thomas and his first wife, and three to his second marriage. He died in January of 1907. and is buried jt Eldorado, Oklahoma.
    1. Daniel Willis Myers, born in Missouri, November 18,1871. He married Minnie Viola- Shipman. She was born in 1874. My dad, Ed Beaver, was always very close to Willis Myers, and I remember hearing him speak of him so often when I was a child, When Dad was on his deathbed, our brother, Charlie, came to see him and Dad thought he was Willis  Myers. Willis died in 1948, and his wife Minnie died in 1965. They are buried in Eldorado, Oklahoma. I remember our family visiting Grandma while she was living with them.
    2. Joseph Myers, born in. Missouri January 6, 1874, married Ida Nichols.
    3. Nettie Ella Myers, born in Missouri, February 9. 1876, married to George Mitchell, then later to George Reeves.
    4. John Henry Myers, born July 10, 1878 in the Oklahoma Indian Territory, married Mary Elizabeth Province.
    5. Elizabeth Lee Myers, born October 18, 1880, in Indian Territory. Oklahoma, married William Pope, later married Bill Monk.
    6. Lillian Gay Myers, born in Oklanoma, July 7, 1883, she married John Dorsey, then J. B. Tanner.
    7. George Myers, died in early cnildhood.
    8. Children by Pebecca, Jake, Charlie and Tom.
  2. Kitty E. Myers, born ca. 1852., died as a child.
  3. Nancy Ebaline Myers, born February 19, 1856 in Hannibal, Missouri. She was Grandma Nancy’s oldest daughter. She was married to Joe William Manning in 1876, a farmer who also fought in the Civil War. He was born in Missouri November 10, 1852. He died with typhoid fever November 9, 1902, and is buried in Milam County, Texas. Aunt Nan, Papa always referred to her as Nan Manning, died March 2, 1937, and is buried at Plainview, Oklahoma. They were members of the Church of Christ. Their eleven children were:
    1. Demetrius Manning, born March 9, 1877 in Texas, married Mary Smith.
    2. Newton Manning, born November 21, 1878, Texas.
    3. Josephine Lee , born August 20, 1881,. Texas, married Joseph David Potter.
    4. Cora May, born July 28, 1883, Texas, married Irvin Thomas.
    5. Luther Andy Manning, born January 14, 1885, Texas, married Kate Pickle.
    6. Mary Manning, born July 14, 1888, Texas.
    7. Anna Belle Manning, born December 6, 1889, Texas, married William G. Potter.
    8. Minnie Pearl Manning, born July 10,1892, Texas, married W. F. Griffis.
    9. Richard Edward Manning, born March 20, 1894, Texas, married Flora Chapman.
    10. John Wilson Manning, born May 20, 1396., married Ida Young.
  4. Jo Ann Myers was born January 15, 1858, in Kentucky. She married W.C. (Chap) Franklin May 17, 1878 in Erath County, Texas. They were members of the Church of Christ. Aunt Joan died December 11, 1947 and is buried at Portales, NM. Uncle Chap died June 23, 1936 and is buried at Longworth, Fisher County, Texas. Their eight children were:
    1. Nannie Gertrude
    2. Ora E., born October 1883, Texas
    3. William Lee, born March 10, 1879, Erath County, Texas. 
    4. Annie E., born December 1885, married W.’W. Shafer. 
    5. Allie M., born December 1887, Texas, married Dickerson.
    6. Andrew, born January 22, 1890, married Gertrude Sanders. 
    7. Minnie May, born February 28, 1892, Cuay County, NM. married Jacob Archibald Sanders.
    8. Doria Esther, born May 14, 1394, NM, married E.C. Wall.

Aunt Jo Ann’s son William Lee (Willie) was the first of her children to die. When my dad was in the hospital shortly before his death, I was sitting by his bed and he looked at me and said, “Are all of your children still living?” When I said “yes”, he replied, “Wy, Willie’s dead.” I put my hand on his arm and said, “Dad, this is Lois.”‘ He grinned and said, “Oh, I thought you were your Aunt Jo Ann.” Bless his heart, he was living his last few days on earth, remembering things of the past.

  1. James Myers, born 1859 in New Mexico.
  2. Martin Luther Myers, born October 25, i860, Missouri.
  3. Sarah Catherine Myers, born May 9, 1863, Bates County Missouri. 5he was married to John Henry Franklin May 17, 1878, by her grandfather, Grandpap Wilson. John Henry was born June 2, 1855, in Cass County, Missouri, and was a brother to Chap Franklin, who married Sarah’s sister, Aunt Jo Ann. The two girls were half sisters to my dad. Aunt Saran was only four years old when Dad was born, so they were like own sister and brother. Aunt Sarah and uncle John’s children were:
    1. A stillborn baby, unnamed.
    2. Joseph Benjamin, born April 2, 1881, Erath County, Texas. He married Sadie Waller November 3, 1909. He died August 12, 1958. Their children were Beatrice Inez, Samuel, Laurence Palmer, and Emily Viola.
    3. Felix Wilson, born February 3, 1883, Erath County, married Mary Frances Wallace July 19, 1903. She died October 1963 and he married Lillie Neal. Their children were:
      1. Mary Louilla, married Roy Alford Goforth.
      2. Jack Wilson Franklin., married Ruby Viola Bennett,
      3. Guv Melvin Franklin, married Mary Dee Whitten.
      4. Raymond Franklin, married Irene Egger.
      5. Virginia Fay, married Hugh Wesley Byford.
      6. Frances Inez, married Lloyd S. Dutton.
    4. Laurence Clinton, born July 16, 1885, San Saba, Texas. He married Maud Johnson August 20, 1905. He died August 16, 1970, buried Rhineland, Texas.
      1. Artie Mae, married Joe Wenzel Much.
    5. Phoebe Jane, born March 3, 1887, Polk County, Arkansas, married Will A. Priest August 25, 1903.
      1. Jim Henry
      2. Rufus Henry
      3. James Cullen
      4. Joe Franklin
      5. Dorthie Irene
      6. Vail Chapman, married Alice Paul Light
      7. Kitty May, married Leo John Gunn.
      8. Stillborn baby.
      9. John Ralph, married Leona Faye Crisp.
      10. Tina Catherine, married Joel David Payne.
    6. Dora Lee, born February 11, 1892, Baylor County, Texas. married George Milton Murrah September 25, 1910.
      1. Ethel Mae. married Thurman Solsbery.
      2. Ella Catherine, married Burl A. Moore.
      3. John Newton, married Mary Kathleen Wallace.
      4. Sarah Frances, married Dillard Smith.
    7. Susie Catherine born October 25, 1894 in Baylor County. married Augustus V. Johnson May 4, 1913. She died November 19, 1978 and is buried at Aztec, NM.
      1. Marvin Leo
      2. Ruby Lee, married Thomas A. Beeves
      3. Lola Irene, married Carl Burrow
      4. Henry Leon, married Mittie Marshall
      5. Sarah Emma, married J.W.Anglin
      6. Lois Mae, married R.C. May
      7. Mary Phelmelia, married G.T. McDonald
      8. Kelly V., married Mary Mordan
      9. Melvin Lloyd, married Carolyn Campbell
      10. Robert Leroy, married Peggy Brownley
    8. Annis Newton, born April 15, 1897. Baylor County, married Ethel Daugherty December 19, 1917. Buried Hagerman, NM.
      1. First of twin babies died at birth
      2. Second of twin babies died at birth
      3. David, killed WW II
      4. Mary
      5. Pete
      6. Lottie
      7. Paul
      8. J.D.
      9. Ernest, killed WW II
    9. John William, born February 25, 1899 in Baylor County. Married Della A. Lea, July 15, 1918. Died September 10, 1983.
      1. J,R., married Verna Louise Dunn.
      2. Alzata Katherine, married George ‘. Loughlin.
      3. Rubv Faye, married Henry John Muhlbauer, Jr. (I am indebted to Ruby for all this information, she is a special cousin of mine.) L.S.
      4. Donna May, married Lee Vestal Ward.
      5. Myra June, married Harold Edwin Tackett.
      6. Peggy Janell, married Billy Joe Williams.
    1. Charlie Andrew Franklin, May 1, 1901, Knox County, Texas. Married Maggie Duncan McCollough May 19. 1922. Charlie is the only one of Aunt Sarah’s children still living. He married Maggie at Mountainair, New Mexico. She was a widow with three small children. After they married they had three children. They lived at Portales, New Mexico, where they had met as homesteaders, for 24 years, then moved to Paradise, California in 1946. Charley was a carpenter by trade, and he built their nice home in Paradise. They are charter members of the Church of Christ in Paradise. In fact, they were instrumental in getting the church started there, as well as giving full support to the Manuelito Christian Children’s home in New Mexico. I first found out about Charlie and Maggie from a list of addresses of relatives that Novella gave me. I wrote to them and had a speedy reply, inviting us to come to visit them. He told me that Maggie was an invalid and had been paralyzed for two years. Then I had a letter in October of 1984 saying that she nad passed away. He had her body cremated, (“Simply because I couldn’t afford an expensive funeral,” he said.)j and he scattered her ashes over her garden that she loved so much. Charlie’s stepdaughter, Lovie McElveny, passed away in Albuoueroue in January of 1985, and he came for her funeral. We went to the funeral and met him and many members of his family. He spent a night with Buddy and me, and we had one more gab-fest. He is eignty-three, and reminded us very much of Dad. He re membered so many things to tell me about our Grandma and Grandpa Beaver, Uncle Ed, Aunt Sarah, and her other sisters. He is very lonely since Maggie went away. They celebrated sixty-two years of marriage May 13, 1984. Their children were were:
    1. Lovie Elizabeth McCullough, married Ed McElveny.
    2. Harvey Lee, married Lola – .
    3. Charlie Lewis, married Nellie – .
    4. El Ray John Franklin, married Hella from Germany.
    5. Mary Catherine, married William H. Musso.
    6. Dolly Laverne, married Grady Guess.
  4. Minnie Mae Franklin, born January 17, 1907. Knox County, Texas. She married Edward A. Stovall, then Howard White. She died June , 1973. and is buried in Lubbock, Texas. she was Aunt Sarah’s youngest child. Her children were:
    1. Bessie Lenore, married Oscar B. Bennett.
    2. Gladys Juanita, married Lloyd Mackey.
    3. Glenn Edgar, married Joy – .

I am indebted to Charlie Franklin and Ruby Muhlbauer for all of the information about Aunt Sarah and Uncle John Franklin, my dad’s half sister. And to Ruby for the one about Aunt Jo Ann and Uncle Chap’s family. She was also Dad’s half sister.

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